Weekly Yoga Classes in Sacramento, CA:


Warm, refreshing, rhythmic, soulful. I teach a yoga that aims to connect you to your own wisdom, intuition, sacredness and strength.

This yoga is medicinal in that it consciously draws from several healing and yoga schools to serve as an exquisite balm for the body, heart and mind; and in so doing, open the doorway for each human to stand strongly in their dharma, their work and divine path in this life.

All classes include a carefully curated movement experience, alignment work, breath practices and meditation.

Wednesdays 6:35p - Gentle Yoga @ Midtown

Fridays 6:35p - Mixed Level Yoga @ Midtown

Saturdays 7:30a - Hatha @ Ritual Sacramento

Sundays 10:30a - Yoga for Healing @ Radiant Yoga on Madison
(begins August 25)

Sundays 4:00p - Gentle Yoga @ Midtown

for booking inquiries email: