Natasha’s classes are inspiring both spiritually and physically. She always invites her students to personal reflection during the class, but she also asks them to manifest their insights physically. She’s playful and technical. I’ve truly enjoyed her classes and have encouraged my friends to be a part of her practice. She’s helped me work through a tough back injury and is sensitive to each person’s limitations but does not allow them to necessarily limit themselves.”

Public Yoga Classes in Sacramento, CA


Warm, refreshing, rhythmic, soulful. I teach a yoga that aims to connect you to your own wisdom, intuition, beauty and strength.

This yoga is medicinal in that it consciously draws from several healing and yoga schools to serve as a healing balm for the body, heart and mind; and in so doing, open the doorway for each human to stand strongly in their dharma, their work and divine path in this life.

Affordable Private Yoga Sessions


Do you have injuries you are working with, chronic pain conditions, social anxiety or overwhelming stress? I offer private medicinal yoga sessions tailored to the needs of your body and spirit.

Or maybe you are new to yoga and would like a personalized introduction to the practice through breath, movement, theory, philosophy and the attitudes we bring to the mat to light the match of deep inner alchemy from someone who can truly share the magic of this practice with you from her heart.

Or perhaps you have been practicing yoga for some years and would like a refined teacher to observe your practice and point you to the doorways readily available for you to have a deeper, stronger and more informed experience on your mat.

If so, I would love to share the joy of practice with you.

Strategies for Healing & Vibrant Living


The eclectic journey of being human is a spiral path of continuous learning, healing, growing, falling, getting back up, loving, losing, laughing, wailing, pulsing dynamic movement - and hopefully some precious experiences of joy to sweeten the climb along the way.

Informed from my own studies and over a decade of practice and rich experiences (and some truly major injuries) I share practical, grounded, and deeply caring strategies to help you find and become curious about your own physical and soulful healing journey.